a-suicidally-romantic-scoundrel said: Happy birthday chap! Hope you have a amazing day!

Sorry for the late reply! Been busy & forgot about Tumblr, thank you all the same!

Skylar Grey - C’mon Let Me Ride ft. EminemĀ 

The video for this is hilarious!

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Thinking of deleting this Tumblr. Thoughts?

Just had Coco Pops and Special K in the same bowl and it was a-bloody-mazing

Just bought something from Hollister. If I eat at Nando’s I’m officially mainstream

2013 will be known as the year of the Dreamliner, The Cup song and Gangnam Style overspill

Right, so today I’ve had 3 people saying I’ll get Brain Cancer and one person ask me if I was Bi twice. Such fun.

I’m an IDIOT